Thursday, October 23, 2014 : A Birthday Dinner

To the sisters who invited me to their birthday get-together this evening: Thank you so much po! I really had a wonderful time with all of you. You are all such a fun group of sisters and it’s awesome how you make every topic so funny and interesting, especially with food :).

Thank you Ka Rose for opening your home to all of us! I really enjoyed spending time with everyone and getting to know each of you even for a short time po. I especially enjoyed watching your son dance to 7 songs on the xbox 360 hehe.  He was very entertaining and a great dancer po.

Happy Birthday Ka Mel and thank you po for inviting me to your get together and thank you for all the take home food all of you prepared for Ryan. Here are a few pictures  from this evening po :D I hope you enjoy these po. Thank you again so much!