Christian Music Video (CMV) : I Am Strong

I’ve been stuck at home for the past few days now… and I’ve been mostly indoors for the past week now, so I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied by going on and checking each day to see if there are any new videos posted.  I then try my best to share these videos on Facebook and IG because they really are very inspiring.

Shows on television nowadays are just full of junk with no christian values – or with no values whatsoever… so I am very thankful that we have shows on that not only inspires, but teaches us to live a christian way of life.

Today, I logged on to see that a song that Ryan and I wrote together was used for a photo montage of old photos of church officers and ministers.  It is an honor and I am thankful to God for letting us be a part of the Centennial CMVs being posted up on Here is a screenshot of the banner for the song. Just click on it and it will take you directly to the link.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go back to the office tomorrow! I am able to stand a little taller and walk a lot more now! :D I’m really praying for an EXTRA SPEEDY RECOVERY! :D Until then, I’ll be checking out what else I can share on :D.

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Goodbye Gallbladder

It’s been four days since I said goodbye to my gallbladder and the road to recovery, I am hoping will be shorter than expected because I can’t wait to pick up my camera again and sing in the choir. I can’t wait to start performing my duties again. It really is a bummer being sick…. but I know that with every trial we face in life, there is a lesson learned and a chance for our faith to become stronger.

Currently, I am trying to figure out the different types of foods that is helping my body.  Especially since my body will not be able to digest food the way it did before… so now every type of food I am trying, I have to see how my stomach reacts to it.  So far, some carbs are just not working out for me…. some meats aren’t working out for me….

Hopefully in the next upcoming weeks, I can figure out what foods does work out for me because even though there are so many tips out there for those without gallbladders… everyone is different and each body responds differently.

Well, this is the only update I have…. no more gallbladder… OH and also that on March 7, 2014, Ryan and I celebrated our 16th Anniversary as a couple.  It was 16 years ago he told me he wanted to be my boyfriend hehehe :D  SOOO… Happy 16th Anniversary Ryan!! I love you and appreciate you so much!! Thank you so much for taking care of me these past few days in the hospital and at home as well!! I love you so very much!!


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I love cooking!

I haven’t posted on here in forever!!! I miss blogging!! So much has happened since my last blog post, but I will try my best to keep this blog going because its one of my only ways to remember so many good things!

Since my last blog post, Ryan and I have moved to the Philippines. There have been so many things that has happened since our move, but that’s not what I want to blog about right now…

What I really want to start to blog about are just healthy recipes that I’m learning to create and also healthy recipes I have found on the web that inspire me to try out!

Here’s a couple of recipes that I have been able to create!

Ryan and I have been doing a low carb diet for a couple of months.. however, I can attest that we aren’t loyal “paleo”, “low carb”, “whole30″ people.  Once in awhile we eat out with friends and family and enjoy some carbs… however, we always go back and try to do low carb as much as possible.  It is what has helped us both in the past, so we are sticking to that kind of healthy eating as much as we can… then once in awhile, we will enjoy a burger with a bun, maybe a pasta dish, and yes, one of my favorite desserts here in the Philippines, “halo-halo” from RAZON’s! :D



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Jiki - The food looks amazing, Ateh! It makes me want to eat healthy, too! Keep up the awesome healthy eating!! :)

Family Portrait Teasers Part 2

Here is part 2 of my family portraits project! :D  Part 1 can be found HERE. I have TWO more photo session scheduled today. One with my cousins and the other with the Viray Family, but I’ll probably have to post those later because we are going to be packing up our gear today for our move to the Philippines tomorrow!

For now, I just wanted to thank the following families and individuals who have given me the opportunity to photograph their portraits this past month. I really enjoyed spending time with all of you and I hope that you enjoy the photos of your family!  May God continue to bless each and everyone of you po! Thank you again for everything! I will miss you all po!

Please excuse my spelling mistakes and grammar because I’m in a rush to post this up :D
Esguerra Family: Fred and Tasha – My cousins – Thank you for flying me to Aston, PA!  I miss you all so much already, but I’m so thankful to God for the both of you!!  I’m so happy I got to meet William!! I hope we’ll be able to see each other again soon! Love you all very much!!!

Aguinaldo Family: Thank you for finding a few hours during your family trip to Long Beach to do a portrait session with me even though I know you were all so exhausted from traveling from Arizona that day! Miss and love you guys too!

Arceo Family: Ate My and Kuya Jay – I call you my older siblings that I never had because I’m the oldest in my family.  I consider you to be the older brother and  sister that I’ve always wanted :D  Thank you for everything!! I’ll miss you both and Kai so much, so please install INSTAGRAM (at the least)!! heheh :D

Barrientos Family: Kuya Ed (also another older brother that I am blessed to have) and Shey (my friend turned sister): Thank you so much for everything! Especially when I started doing photography.. you both trusted me to be your wedding photographer even though I just started out.  Not that many people believed in me, but you both did so I will never forget you both!  I’ll miss you both and Ina and will cherish the memories we’ve made these past few years.  P.S. Kuya Ed, I still wanna go camping one day, and hope to plan one when we visit CA again :D heheh

Calaguas Family:  Hello po!  Thank you also for spending some time with me and Ryan!  You are one of the families in our local congregation that inspire me because you are all so active in the church.  Please always keep in touch po!  Khent (ED): Thank you for setting this up with your family!  I’ll miss working with you in the District and Local activities!

Erika: Thank you soooooo much!! I’m so proud of you for graduating CSUDH and I believe attaining Suma Cum Laude?!?!  I think that was it, if not, I’ll have to fix this post hehe :D  Congratulations!!! I wish I could be there for your grad party, but no matter, it will be a great day for you and your family! Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to photograph your Debut a few years ago!! It’s been an honor to be your photographer and most of all to see you grow to become a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! :D I’ll miss you all very much!!

Manglicmot Family: Hello po!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your family photos po!  Ka Dexter, it was a pleasure to have worked with you in the past po! Thank you so much for your prayers and I hope to see you, Ka Eliza and the girls again in the near future!! Thank you po so much!
Caasi Family: I.Love. You. All. So. Much!  Vanessa!! I’m going to miss you most! We’ve been through a lot and I’m so happy to call you my sister :D  I don’t know what else to say because words can’t express how much I’m going to miss you all!  Always take care. Be good and stay active in the church. love to you, Myke and Maia!!!

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Paper Dolls to Rag Dolls

When we were kids, my cousins and I played with paper dolls. We didn’t get to buy Barbie dolls and the fancy doll houses/cars that came along with it. If I remember clearly, I think I only had one Barbie Doll that was probably a hand me down AND that doll had only one shoe that belonged to another doll… :) I remember we had the fake Barbie dolls yo bought at the swap meet… you know, the kind that was really made out of plastic instead of rubber hahahah. Those were the days when we had to get creative….

One day, my cousins and I decided to make paper dolls out of hard paper cardboards we got from those package of pantyhose. I remember how my cousins, ate Virma and ate Yolleta were REALLY good at making these dolls. The faces of their paper dolls looks so beautiful and pretty, while mine did not look so good so they would help me out. I remember how we used to draw up their dresses, purses and shoes from paper and how much fun it was playing with those paper dolls! I kept my paper doll and its accessories in an envelope and whenever we wanted to, we would take out our dolls and start playing with them again.

A little over twenty-nine years later… I receive a gift from my cousin, ate Yolleta. She came over my apartment on Tuesday and told me she had a surprise. She told me that she got it specially made for me and Ryan hehe (but it’s really for me). I was so touched when I saw her pull out the rag dolls she got her friend Yvonne to make! It was a ragdoll of Ryan and it looked like him too!!  Then she pulled out another doll and told me it was the doll I really liked when I did a photoshoot for Yvonne’s dolls a few weeks ago. I was and still am so touched by the gifts she gave to me. I am really going to miss my cousin so much! We have grown up together for the past 29 years!!

We’ve gone through so many things together, from winning first place in tagisan ng talino, to working together as District Officers in the church, to singing in the choir together. I am going to miss her and all of my cousins very much! I am so thankful to God for giving me such wonderful people to grow up with! I wouldn’t want to change anything from my past because everything that I have experienced is a blessing.

Ate Yolleta: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND WILL MISS YOU SO, SO, MUCH!!! I’ll see you all again whether it be in person or on Skype! I’ll be sure to always keep in touch :) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Especially for the times when you had to help me make my paper dolls!! :) Here is a photo of the rag dolls I got from my cousin!

If you’d like to purchase one also, please visit Yvonne’s site by clicking: YVONNE’S CREATIVE HANDS.

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